Monday, August 13, 2012


Since starting myfitnesspal, the weight has finally started coming off! Slowly, but I'm still happy about seeing some results. I am finally under 150.

On top of the diet tracking, I have been doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I do it Monday-Friday mornings, and (try to) do just cardio one day on the weekend. I have turned it into a 6 week program (5 days a week), and want to do each level for 2 weeks and then move to the next. I have been doing it for 11 days, today was my first day on level 2 and I'm loving it.

My plan for after the Shred is to continue with the same schedule and plan, except to move onto another  Jillian Michaels DVD. I think my next move will be to Ripped in 30.

I know I don't post often anymore, but I will continue to post on occasion to help keep myself focused and to keep track of what I am doing to get this weight off!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Struggle, struggle, struggle...

Like always, I'm struggling with everything.. I'm just too lazy to go to the gym. That's the truth. I have no other excuses, and the one I use is PATHETIC!!! But.. I have stuck to my diet for a full 3 days now! (Which is sad, but a new record for me...) For this week I decided to try a "Green Smoothie" diet (or Shrek smoothie, as I like to call it). I have a 300-400 calorie smoothie for breakfast and lunch, then a snack and a balanced dinner. I've chosen to do smoothies for two meals a day for 7 days and then decide how I feel from there. So far I loooove it! It's so much easier for breakfast, and it keeps me motivated to be healthy all day. I don't want to ruin a day of straight fruits and veggies with a fried, greasy, fat filled dinner..


These smoothies are just fruits and veggies. Fruit to give it calories and a yummy taste, green veggies for the extra nutrients. And enough green veggies to give it the color! I started out by picking recipes online to see what I really enjoy and what I like less. Eventually I'll start inventing my own.

I'm already seeing good changes on the scale since starting my smoothie kick, which is awesome and just what I need to stay focused! I know my weight-loss results, as well as getting the lovely shape I want, would come faster if I added more gym time. Right now, the smoothies are keeping me in line with my dieting, and that's the hardest thing for me. But just give it a few days, the workouts will happen! I refuse to waste the money I'm spending on my gym membership ;).

Friday, July 13, 2012

No More :/

Okay. So I haven't posted in forever because I've been (and still am) ashamed. After two/three weeks with Insanity I gain 5 pounds. And that killed me. I want to see the scale go down, not up. And after reading blog after blog and forum after forum and seeing that yes, those results are typical at first, I just couldn't find the strength to continue. After skipping on day of my workout that made me even more sad.

I went out and got a gym membership and have made a new plan. Now, I'm hoping to do lots of cardio to really get fat down.. Then once I'm more comfortable and happy with the weight I'm at, I fully plan on doing (and completing!) this challenge. For now, the scale pushing 155 is not something I'm going to put up with.. Since my last post, honestly, I haven't been good about eating (it's still a huge struggle). I have had good days, but more bad. But I have been trying.. And I am just now getting back to 151 where I started this all at. I'll continue to push on to get this weight off, and get back on the Insanity train the moment I gain some confidence in myself and my ability to lose weight again.

I can't even explain how long and how bad I wanted to do Insanity, which means I can't even explain how disappointed I am that I "gave up". I am happy to announce that ending it was not because it was "too difficult", but just because I just wasn't seeing that results that I need right now. So for anyone who reads this, if I could do it, you can too - I just hope your results get you where you want to be with it!

Just an FYI: I will continue posting on occasion about how all this is going, unless I get requests for more (if people even read this?!). Then either way, the day I start my second attempt with Insanity I will resume the daily posts. Any comments with motivation, tips or anything are always appreciated!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 11


Yoga style "recovery" was the perfect workout to end a very long day. After my first day of work in over a month, I of course wanted to do absolutely nothing except take a nap after work. And to add to not wanting to workout, we couldn't get Insanity to play on the TV. We had plenty of excuses that we could have used today, and believe me, we both wanted to use them. But what did we do? Played the workout on the computer and toughed it out. We didn't let the excuses win! I'd say that's progress (even if it was only one time)! I just need this to keep happening, and will do all I can to make sure it does...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 10


Eating today did not go well, but our excuse (excuses are bad) was that it was a holiday. So we'll see how the rest of the week and this 60 days go. But we're planning on get back on track tomorrow, like always. But on a better note, we did get the workout done. My energy level wasn't the highest, and I should have pushed myself harder. Either way, I still got a good workout.

I've given myself another goal to work toward: no more excuses.  

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 9


My boyfriend decided to hide the scale from me for the week so that maybe I'll stop stressing about my weight and just focus on eating right and working out hard. Pure Cardio means I got a good workout again (of course). And the good news is, today I didn't feel sick all night, so it was probably just something weird going on yesterday, rather than being a side effect of my new supplements. I'm just hoping that this week goes well, and the scale shows some improvement on Monday when I'm "allowed" to weigh-in again! And I'm actually looking forward to our first ab-based workout that is happening this week... 

Thanks to the new recipe cards, we've had some pretty yummy dinners the past 3 nights. I think the new menu items could really help us stick to the diet. We just need to continue to focus and put all of our effort into the workouts. Change will happen, I just can't lose motivation.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 8


Today's workout was completed with very few breaks. I pushed myself harder than I have before. I'm not sure if it was pushing too hard, or lack of calories or what, but by the middle of the workout and for the rest of the evening, I have felt sick. I'm hoping this feeling doesn't last and that it wasn't new supplements or anything big, but it's terrible. But I did get a great workout and did well with dieting. I actually might have been under the calorie limit a bit, I haven't totaled it out yet, which could be the reason for the sick feeling. I'll just wait and see how the next few days go and see if this feeling lasts. Besides that, today was not a bad workout day. And unless the new vitamins are what is causing this icky feeling, I think I'll really like them and they will help me get quicker results. Time will tell.